Using Multiple Operators in a Formula

In the same way that we are able to make mathematical calculations more complex, we can make formulas in spreadsheets more complex by adding additional operators.

Before moving forward, it important that we understand the order in which operators are used in both computers and maths. For this, we can refer to BODMAS (sometimes also called BIDMAS):

Brackets –>Orders (Indices) –> Division –> Multiplication –> Addition –> Subtraction

Knowing the order in which the operators we use will be performed in a spreadsheet allows us to place the brackets in the correct position.

For example, if we wish to perform the calculation where we add the value of two to 10 before dividing by 4 we would need to place the first calculation inside brackets before adding the division sign. In a formula this would look like the following :

=(10-2) /4


Follow the example shown in the video, creating formulas that make use of multiple operators to create more complex mathematics in your spreadsheet.