Formatting Percentages

Quite often in a spreadsheet, we need to perform more complex analysis of data and this often arrives in a percentage. Once we have calculated a percentage in our spreadsheets, we will want to show it using a percentage sign (%) and there are formatting options to allow us to do this.

When we calculate a percentage come on we actually calculate the decimal value and then select the percentage formatting type. By selecting this the number will be multiplied by 100 and the percentage sign is added at the end.

Useful tip: if you find that a percentage appears to be too large (often 100x too large ) it is likely that you have calculated the full percentage and do not need to multiply by 100 in your formula.


Now we have seen a spreadsheet in action, it is time for you to update your own example spreadsheet. Use your garden centre spreadsheet and add in formulas to calculate the percentage of the sales made.

Don’t forget to take screen captures of how you achieved this and add it into your notes document to allow you to reference this later and prepare for the final quiz of the course.